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Guidelines on How to Effectively Handle A Pessimistic Employee

Having a meaningful and productive event outside your office is a good way to encourage or motivate a pessimistic employee. As part of team building activities, it is necessary to turn this negativity into positivity so that it does not affect the whole team at a later stage. It can be a cumbersome and frustrating job but it is necessary for the success of the project. You need to keep certain things in mind while handling a pessimistic team member.

Show the way

As part of team building, infuse the positivity and keep encouraging your team members. If the team member is negative, engage the other team members to show him a better way of working out a problem.

Discuss it openly in the meeting, so that the team members can clarify and find positive solutions to any unexpected problems.

Ask your other team members to talk to the pessimistic team player from time to time. It will ensure that all roadblocks are removed before the pessimistic team member comes for the weekly meeting. 

Negative is useful

During a meeting, there should be two sides to the discussions. If the pessimistic team member keeps making valid negative points, it is productive for the success of the project.

In the long run, it can help making rational and informed decisions. You can also save any delays or expenses in the project, if the pessimistic team member points out the loopholes.

Remove the team member

If the team member is shaking the positive morale of the other team members, then it is a serious problem. If repeated feedback and warnings are not effective, it is best to remove the team member from the project. It will help in the successful completion of the project.