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Heat Reflective Coatings – What are they?

If you live in an area that experiences severe heat during the summer months, it helps to look for newer and innovative ways to cool your home. While many people may explore the option of air conditioning, focusing on balanced ventilation or heat reflective coatings can also be beneficial in the long run.

What are heat reflective coatings?

Special products that are applied to the roof to reduce the intensity of the solar heat are largely known as heat reflective coatings. In most instances these products are made of albedo and are also known as albedo coating.

In simple terms, when a roof is coated with reflective materials such as this, it will act like a wall mirror. As the name suggests, it will reflect some of the sun’s energy or rays back up into the air.

Perth roof painters use coating materials that can come in the form of paint or similar products applied directly to the roof. They may be mixed with other products to create a better effect.

Choosing a reflective coat

Some of the common materials used in reflective coating include elastomeric, acrylic paints, single-ply sheets made of rubber, plastic, PVC, etc.

Clay and concrete tiles or metal sheets may also be used to create a reflective coat.

When it comes to picking the best suited one, consider the heat intensity in your area, your budget and lastly, choose a smart colour like white to ensure maximum reflective features.

You need to hire an asbestos removal company to check any hazardous materials present on your house or building and remove them safely.

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