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Home Builder Upgrades That You Should Do

When you are looking to have a house built, there are a lot of home builder upgrades that you can have done to make your house a better fit for your family. However, there is the extra cost of the upgrades that you need to think about. You will want to make sure that you have the home builder do all the upgrades that you need to have done. If you are not able to do a project yourself, you should have let home builder Brisbane do the projects. Here are some of the home builder upgrades that you should think about adding to your home.

Add an Extra Garage

If you have the space, think about having an extra garage added. You most likely have more items to store than you think you do. Also, the extra garage can increase the resale value of your home later on.

Operable Window in The Master Closet

Having a window in a closet can give you the option to get both fresh air and light into a closet, and can be a nice touch. There are many, different options that you can use of a window for your master closet. You should pick the window based on where the closet is located and the size of the closet. The fresh air can stop clothing from getting a closet smell, and the light means that you should not need to use the light until nighttime.

Get the Best Lot You Can

There are builders that give out incentives for choosing the least desirable lots, or will charge huge mark-ups for the better lots. Many times, it is better is to pay the extra cost upfront for the better lot, even if you end up with a smaller house. Most times, you will still end up with a higher resale value.

Walk Out From the Basement

If you are lucky enough to have a basement, and are building your house, now is the time to build a walk-out from the basement. If you are not able to afford the walk out at the time of building, the best option is to put in a window at the height of the door. This will make the retro fitting of the front door much simpler and quicker. The window can also add natural light and fresh air until you are able have the walk-out door added.