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Honeymoon on Denarau

Getting married and not sure where to go for your honeymoon? Ever heard of Denarau Island? Yes, it certainly is an island, but it’s a private island known to be the largest integrated resort in the South Pacific. Denarau was developed as a resort hub starting in the late 1960s. The Denarau Island has the perfect Denarau island accommodation for couples on their honeymoon. Exotic islands, mesmerizing landscapes and the beautiful marine life allows you to have memories worth cherishing till the end of time.

Seems like the island itself is there to treat the honeymooners with the perfect accommodation to relax after the tiring wedding rehearsals and the wedding itself. The Denarau Island is full of magnificent features. It’s like a wonder after wonder. Denarau island resorts offer various options for Denarau island accommodation, each catering a vast range of travelers. The island has luxury villas, hotel rooms, and five-star Denarau island accommodation. It’s known to have eight international resorts, which have rooms and suites with sweet sleep beds in order to provide you with you with the rest you need to go see all of the sights in the morning. For men and kids, Denarau has Wi-Fi and adventurous activities. And the ladies get the luxurious spas, fine dining and shopping of course.

So, why not take your honeymoon to another level with the award-winning Spas and let all the anxiousness fade away with the traditional Fijian bure. You will find a variety of various Denarau island accommodation. If meditation is your thing, then I’m sure you would understand how peaceful it is to play golf. The Denarau Island is known for its centerpiece, which is nothing but an 18-hole golf course. It holds multiple Golf Tournaments around the year. Along with that, Denarau is always holding festivals related to food, music and wine. If you are a fan, I would suggest you to check their schedule and plan your wedding accordingly.

All of the Denarau Island resorts and hotels have multiple dining options. If you are looking to try something different, they have excellent restaurants at the marina, facing the waterfront giving you a perfect sight, which just gets better and better as the sun starts to set. I won’t talk about the sunrise since I am not much of a morning person, which certainly is not a good thing in any way.