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House Cleaning Tips

House cleaning can be really exhausting but it can also unleash the creativity as well as it can help you save your budget or money for more important matters. Here are some of the materials that can be found inside your own house during cleaning.


If you have any materials in house that has copper and it may seem that it is already full of dirt or old then you can use salt with lemon and put it on a spray. Let it sit and then wash it or rub it until clean.

Dental Floss

Yes. Dental floss is for your teeth but you can also use this to clean your electric can opener. It will remove all the debris that is making it dirty.


Mouthwash is very ideal for cleaning tiles and floorings except wooden tiles. It acts as a cleaning agent to make it white and clean and smells fresher like when you use it into your mouth.


If you are getting rid of physical dirt and germs in your faucet or any part of your house, wipes or disinfectant wipes may come in handy. It can be an easy and quick cleaning method and equipment to use.

Baby oil

After taking a bath, you can put some baby oil in the bathtub or in the sink because it will act as an agent to help keep water flow smoothly or it acts as a lubricant. In this instance, you can make sure that all of the dirt will be washed away because of the oil that acts as a grease or lubricant.

Antacids or Cola

Antacids are those that are used in medication but you can use it to disinfect or clean your toilet bowl just in case it already is stinking or has dirt all over the place. Soft drink or a can of cola also can do this trick just let the cola sit in the bowl for an hour or so and then clean it. It will make the toilet bowl clean and smells clean because of the properties found in the cola or the antacids.

Towel and Vinegar

Use old towel or rags and vinegar if you want to remove lime building up into your faucet. It will help soften the buildup and then if you let it sit for few minutes, it can soften it and then you can use your faucet again.

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