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How Digital Asset Management Helps Secure your Computer Data

 If you are using a computer or laptop for your work then you must be storing critical work related information on your system. This information is central to the efficiency of your work performance/business and loss of this data leads to loss of competitive edge or loss of critical business data. Digital asset management services are a part of enterprise level content management and protection services. The digital asset management is a reliable and trusted way to effectively store content, intellectual property, e-records, important electronic files and enterprise generated content. This are the ways in which digital asset management services can help secure and facilitate your company data.

Secure data deletion

Do you ever wonder about critically important business data which could harm your profitability if it’s exposed to competitors? Have you ever spent sleepless nights wondering about how to securely business data so that it is not accessible to anybody after destruction? Well the answer to your problems is digital asset management services.

Move towards a paperless enterprise

Modern organisations are becoming paperless as the advent of enhanced electronic technology has converted most business data into e-content. Asset management services use cutting edge data storage technology which digitally scans stacks of documents and recognises the text to create searchable documents. A typical 9*11 page in terms of scanned content will only measure up to 300 KB in terms of size while in JPEG format it will be about 169 KB. If you operate a scanner for 24 hours in continuation with a speed of 200 pages per minute then you will be able to convert 288,000 pages to digital content per day. This way you can create stacks of secure e-content in your computer with the help of digital assets management facility.

Ensure data integrity

Most people using electronic mediums for work say that ensuring timely availability of data is an important issue for them along with integrity. When data is transferred from the laptop, computer to a disk or USB then data loss or corruption may occur because of compatibility issues of hardware devices. Data management services say that hard disks have an approximate life span of 3-5 years. Good digital assessment services use blue ray disks for data storage as these discs are protected against water damage, power fluctuations and excessive moisture. Once data is transcripted into blue ray discs it is deemed to be protected for a pretty long time.

Quick and secure access systems

Data management systems include creation of access systems which are compartmentalized in nature. When you are working in an enterprise you know that not everybody should access the same data blocks which is why secured access codes have to be created. Look for a digit-asset management service that has a large storage memory (at least more than 40 terabytes) and more than 5 swappable stacks of optic data. It’s best if the solution you invest in is scalable in nature so that you can use data capacity according to your needs.