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How Much Food Does Your Dog Need?

The quantity of the food depends on many aspects. A holistic vet takes into consideration all the aspect such as the breed of the dog, its age, its health, its activity level and also its weight. You may find the prescribed quantity based on age, weight and breed on every dog food bag.

However, they are just approximations and you must consult a vet for the correct quantity to be fed to your dog. The small breed dogs like Chihuahua who sit in your lap all day and are not that active need less diet to maintain their needs. However, larger breeds such as Labrador and German Shephard would need more calories to keep them going.

The puppies are generally more active and are in growing stage, hence require more calories. The working dogs require more calories to maintain their activity level. You must also consider the weight of the dog while feeding it. A dog should not be obese or malnourished.  You should consult your vet and adjust the quantity accordingly.

What to feed?

Your dog, in general, can eat anything that a human can. However, to give them proper nutrition you have to choose the right food with adequate calories. There are various dog foods available in the markets which are quite appropriate for your dog.

Foods such as fresh human-grade raw meat, raw bones, breads, curds, oils, even vegetables can also be fed to your dog. A vet can suggest the ideal food for your dog based on its health and activity level.

Dogs, like humans, needs an exercise as well. You can take your dog while doing outdoor exercise like jogging.