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How to Build a Pergola

Pergolas prove to be a useful structure in the outside area of the house as an outdoor shade, apart from the fact that it provides aesthetic value to your home. A pergola can be a frame for vines in your garden and it can also make your backyard an extended outdoor living area. Not only that, because pergola building can also be as easy as 123.

So, how to build a pergola? Here are the steps.

1) Install the pergola posts. Just like a lot of many outdoor projects, you would need to install a sequence of six vertical posts of exactly the same height.  Mark six posthole locations, then dig these location for about 24 to 48 inches deep. Hoist your posts then plumb them temporarily with 2 by 4 braces. When everything is aligned, fill the holes with soil.

2) Make pyramid cuts. Make angled cuts on the top of your posts – one from each side of each post, at least 15 to 20 degrees. This way, your post top will have a pyramid shape.

3) Places the crossbeams. Now that your pergola posts are up and trimmed, it’s time to fasten the cross beams. You can remove the 2 by 4 braces from the posts at this point. Make sure the beams are level, and mark the areas where the crossbeams and the posts intersect on the outer faces of them.

4) Shape and install the lap joints. Lap joints are a pair of interlocking notches that fit together. This is essential because you would need to place this wherever your posts and beams intersect for support.

5) Raise the roof boards. An optional effect is to attach the bottom edges of the roof boards to straddle the cross beams.

6) Put in the lattice panel. Although this is optional, the lattice panel can be added on the side of your garden pergola for privacy purposes.

7) Do some finishing touches. Once your pergola is up, you can add some finishing touches to it, like clear coat paint or stain. However, keep in mind that a painted pergola will require on-going maintenance.

Setting up a pergola in your backyard is just so easy. You can just ask someone else to give you a hand if there are some areas that you need help with. Now you can go to the hardware store and shop for the materials that you would need in order to build the pergola that will beautify your home. For more details check out outdoor pergola Sydney.