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How To Buy a Men’s Dress Shoes that Matches Yourself

Shoes and clothes tell much about the taste of the man wearing them.  In putting together a good wardrobe, your shoes must harmonise with the clothes you are wearing.  The best colors for business or dress shoes are black, brown, and cordovan or burgundy.

Choose shoe that match your value

Ever hear of the expression “dressed to the nines from head to toe”?  This adage really sums up how your head and your toes appear which communicates a lot about you.

As most of the known fashion designers advice, in order to create a harmonious professional image, the nature of your shoe color should match with your hair color. In other words, if you are a person with dark hair, then choosing a shoe of similar type will tie your look together.

If you have light golden locks, than black shoes will overpower your look.  You are better off choosing a shoe in a light color, such as a natural tan hide.

Points to remember when buying men’s dress shoes

An oxford lace-up is the classic and traditional men’s designer shoes for the interviewee whose goal is to look sleek and sophisticated. Choose a round cap-toe alone to shorten an oversized foot or to camouflage an angular silhouette.

A buckled monk-strap shoe is ideal when you desire a wider fit, because it has a larger tongue.  The wideness of the shoe relegates it to a less formal shoe than the oxford lace-up; however, it’s a perfectly acceptable option, especially if your foot is wide and comfort.

The dress slip-on shoe is the most casual shoe, which is an option for fashionable than classic. Dress slip-on shoes portray a more contemporary and youthful flair.  Slip-on shoes are not to slip off your feet during an interview or any other type of business meeting.

It is necessary for you also to know your body shape if you are hourglass, column, pear and others when buying a cocktail dress or black dress.

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