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How to Get Up on Your Wakeboard?

So you have bought your first wakeboard and you are ready to take it out into the water. You may have asked an instructor to help you out or you might be the DIY kind who wants to learn the tricks of the trade on his own. Either way, the very first step of wakeboarding is  knowing how to stand on your board without falling off it. It does help to be prepared, so here are a set of easy to follow instructions that will guide you and help you perfect your stance on the water.

Arranging your wakeboard bindings

The bindings on the wake boards should lie perpendicular to the direction of the board. This way you have maximum control. Before you get out into the water, stand on your wakeboard at home and mark the angles of your feet. Use these markings to apply the bindings to the board.

Standing on the board in the water

The stance you adopt should allow your body to be stable even as the board moves on the water. For this, use a crouching position. Your feet should be shoulder width apart. Your knees should be bent to provide stability to the body. Keep yourself flexible and bend with the waves. A rigid stance will not help you when you are wakeboarding in the ocean and will cause you to fall off.

Using your arms for control

Use your arms for control when doing your moves on this sport activity. The boat’s speed may cause tension in the ropes, so keep your arms flexible and extend them outwards while bending them at the elbows by your sides.

Wakeboarding is good exercise that helps fight cellulite.