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How to Identify Poor Quality Web Designs

It is the responsibility of the website designer to create an effective website for a company. The website designer plays an important role in the world of e-commerce. For this reason, your website should also be an avenue to attract more customers to choose you the other. What follows, are the qualities of a poorly designed website.


There are no set standards of navigation. A good website enables the user to have easy access within the ambit of a website. Navigating should be made easy. New technologies are emerging every day. They can add a new dimension to the navigating experience. Intuition and consistence should be the mentor.  Hyperlinks should not get undue attention. Dead links must be avoided at all cost.

Screen Resolution and Images

No modern website encourages horizontal scrolling. A talented designer can create designs which are suitable for all screens. A skilful designer knows that too many images can spoil the whole look. Images and animations must not create any confusion or distraction. Their usage should enhance the appropriateness of a website. The importance of whitespace can not be ignored.

Registration Forms

People visit websites to get information. But some websites have very troublesome registration procedures.  Many fields are made absolutely mandatory. Validating a particular field irritates the user and forces him to steer away from that place. Websites should be so designed so as to attract and not annihilate the interest of the user.

Background Music

Most people love to put efficiency above everything else.  Cheap craftsmanship often stresses on background music. It must be made in such a way so that the user can stop it whenever needed. A web designer must always ask himself if his creation is easily accessible. The consistency of the layout of the design is very important.