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How To Know When You Need To Replace Antenna?

Digital TV is rapidly replacing the analogue TV and almost 75% of Australian homes are experiencing this magical change. As times have changed, people have started recognizing the quality of high resolution and picture perfect clarity transmission which is a boon of digital TV. Professional antenna specialists like Melbourne digital antenna installer provides an excellent service when you want to switch to a digital antenna.

Analogue Antenna

Most analogue antenna should work as digital antenna, but, if the transmission gets poor and the picture quality is not clear, it might be time for some replacement. An endorsed antenna installer can help you in this regard. If you stay in an apartment, then the antenna might be shared among multiple units. This leads to disturbed transmission, which might be a reason for the antenna to be upgraded or replace

The reception of the signal will vary according to the shape and size of the digital antenna. Larger the antenna better is the transmission. Various frequency bands like HF, VHF and UHF are picked up by these antennas. The direction from which these antennas pick up the signal also depends on the shape of the antenna. The antenna will be mounted either vertically or horizontally, based on the signal’s polarity.

Tuners which are usually built-in in most of the digital TV,  function as antenna amplifiers and tune in the digital channels once they are hooked up to the antenna. If your antenna is working fine and does not lead to pixilation, only then it will lead to an ultimate digital experience.