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How to Use a Segway without Handles

Are you looking for the most efficient mode of transport for short distances? Well the Segway without handle is what you should be looking at. While reading it has a lot of advantages, it pays of greatly to be well prepared about what to expect especially if it’s your first time.

Whether you are planning to hope on a Segway without handles to work or are just having fun around the block or even inside your house, taking some time to develop the right skill is going to make the experience much more fun.

  • Be subtle

The thing about riding these electric boards is that smaller movements will give you the smoothest riding experience. For example, if you want to turn left, a light lean on your left side is all you need. If you move too sharply you may find yourself on the wrong side of the road. To be on the safe side, do not practice on the road rather in your compound or house until you get the necessary skill set.

  • Pay close attention to your foot placement

You can expect the first few minutes of your training to be wobbly but what you need to do is shift your feet just a little further forward on the foot board. It will make all the difference as it will increase your stability.

  • Never panic!

The moment you start panicking is the moment you are going to start making sharp erratic movements and for a Segway without handles, this can be very risky and you may even fall off the board. Always remember to make small subtle steps and you will be okay.

  • How to stop

This maneuver is best practiced in your parking lot or somewhere with no traffic as you are going to need a number of trials. The secret is to slightly lean back and shift your weight backwards just a little bit and it will come to a gentle halt.

If you lean too far back, you are going to throw off your center of gravity and this can throw you off. Take some time to practice around in a large parking lot and before long you should be ready to move to the roads.

Riding a Segway without handles is not that hard because the technology used is meant to give you the safest and smoothest ride ever. All you need is a little practice and all will be well.