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Ideas on Developing a Good Team

Team building is a skill managers have to learn. A manager must have the knack of being able to spot the right talent for the right job, and build on a team accordingly. There are several pointers which managers could use to ensure that their team is the best bunch to run the organization.

An Iron Hand

Being the leader of any team in a corporate setup means you know and realize that you are entitled to have some power and authority. In order to build and manage a team successfully, a manager must wield his powers appropriately.

A manager should know the intricate details about his job, and the jobs he assigns to his team members. When a manager builds his team, it is vital that he is fully aware of the company’s goals and expectations.

Working Together

When a manager brings in individuals on the team, he must ensure that the team spirit does not die a slow death with the passing of time. The members must be properly communicated that they have to work together as a team, and whatever the outcome will be, it will be a collaborated effort.


As a manager it is your responsibility to ascertain that each member of the team knows and comprehends his or her own individual responsibilities. As a team, they will be equally accountable for success as well as failure.


A team needs its oxygen to function to the fullest. The oxygen comes in the form of motivation. As a manager if you want to extract the best results from the team members, you will have to be proactive in motivating them from time to time.

Developing a good team is not an easy task. It is no longer a one-man-team task. There should be a collaboration with everybody in your company. One way to promote camaraderie among the employees is to go team building.