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Importance of Backing Up your Computer Data in Your Office

The loss of important data or a system crashed is a devastating event that can happen to anyone. Especially if you do not have a backup copy of the files. With the use of online backup software like Xero integrated Customer Relationship Manager, this event can be avoided. Never underestimate the importance of a regular backing up of your computer work data through this software every now and then.

Encrypt your data

Often when you want to store some of the confidential details on a backup service, you will have to encrypt it using a code or algorithms so that no one else can look into it. This encryption guarantees you complete protection for your files and does not have to be locally done of your workplace computer also.

Some software also offer two way and three way protection to encrypt your data wherein first you use a local encryption key to store your data on your hardware which will make all your files unreadable to your staff and even they would not be able to access the data without your permission. Secondly you can encrypt on online backup software and the third encryption will be for your workplace computer server, so that the data can be gained easily and will be stored permanently.

Access from anywhere anytime

With constant online backups, you surely get the advantage of accessing your files anywhere on the cloud storage. And nothing can beat it, if you access it at any odd time of the day. You just need an internet connection and your files will be in front of your eyes in a jiffy. Also if you’re using a smart phone with Android or an IOS app, you could use this as an interface to download the backup on your mobile when necessary. Also as the data is protected online, chances of someone stealing your files or you losing your files due to other errors is nullified.

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