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Importance of Having a Blog on Your Website

Many businesses underestimate the utility of having their own business blog incorporated into their website design. Websites have graduated from mere information dispensing forums to active tools of sales and branding. In the modern context blogs have become important mediums of customer engagement and user interactions. 2012 was touted to be the year of user engagement while 2013 is known to be the year of customer interaction. Blogs present an active interactive medium for engagement of external customers and internal employees.

The uses of a corporate blog

A journal meant for boosting the company’s brand image is known as a corporate blog. This kind of a set up is usually maintained by the employees of a company or any external corporate communications firm. The content is maneuvered in a way that the image of the company is boosted the organisation is branded as a good employer.

The whole industry is grappling with the problem of finding the right talent for key positions. In this situation employers have to compete with each other to source the best talent. The potential talent pool in the industry considers the brand image of the employer as a deciding factor when faced with an employment situation. The corporate blog showcases all that is on offer in an organisation besides the regular salary.

For best results link the blogs embedded in your website design to various social networking sites and also give the back links of your content system and promotional material on your blogs. This is how web design creates site blogs that can act as a powerful marketing and sales tool on your part.

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