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Important Care Tips to Maintain the Life of your Floors Rugs and Carpets

Carpets and rugs are wonderful accessories that dramatically enhance the looks of your home. However, these can be an expensive investment too and their delicate nature demands regular maintenance. Yes, regular carpet cleaning Melbourne is the only way of ensuring that your carpets and rugs stay clean and in top condition for years.

How to Care for your Rugs and Carpets

Rugs and carpets are delicate accessories that need special care and attention. However, most people don’t really know how to do it correctly and end up damaging the article or reducing its value.

Cleaning your Carpets and Rugs

Flip the carpet or the rug once a month and run a vacuum cleaner through its backside. You can safely use the rotating brush or beater bar accessory for this side while you must use only the suction mode to clean the obverse side of a woollen carpet.

Vacuuming the backside enables deep cleaning wherein the dust particles trapped on the underside get pushed to the surface of the carpet. This is then easily removed when you clean the obverse side.

You can safely use either the rotating brush or the beater brush in case of synthetic carpets.

You must be extra careful while cleaning the tassels. Do not vacuum the tassels; all they need is a little fluffing to remove all trapped dust particles. The vacuum cleaner will pull the tassels leading to tear and irretrievable damage.

Removing Stains and Spills

Stains and spills should be removed before they dry out and cause permanent imprint. Blot the still-wet area repeatedly with a completely dry, cotton towel. While blotting, take care never to rub the towel in a circular motion as this can damage the fabric permanently. Always run the towel in straight lines.