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Important Hand Signals In Wakeboarding

Hand signal is indeed one of the most important aspect to any type of sports. Just like in basketball, soccer, wakeboarding, skate boarding and others, hand signal is a way to deliver your message to others and vice-versa. For wakeboarding, here are some of the important hand signals that you need to know.

Finished signal

When the skier starts skiing he/ she has to communicate to the driver of the boat to let the tow rope slip away without this signal the driver will never know when to start the action.

The appropriate signal is to use the hand to denote a sharp cut across the neck. This is also known as the slice across neck signal and is used frequently by wake boarders.

Approaching wakes

If you are a new wake boarder you would obviously want someone from the boat to signal that you are approaching wakes. There is no other way to transmit this information apart from a hand signal. The person on the boat who first spots the wake should move one hand straight out of their side and keep thrusting it up and down. This periodic rise and fall will signify the approach of wakes to the wake boarder.

Turn right around

This is one of the most important hand signals in wakeboarding. The hand is pushed up at a right angle and the forearm is rotated in gentle wide circles. This warns the skier that the boat is about to turn and he/she should adjust the position of the board. The best thing to do here is to follow directly behind the boat.

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