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Installing Solar Energy with Limited Funds

The solar power is a safe and renewable source of energy that has been continuously in demand. That being said, installation of solar power also poses a big challenge in front of people, because most of the solar power systems are very expensive. But still, you don’t need to get disappointed, as there are several other cost effective ways of installing solar power. Let’s have a look at them.

Solar Tubes

Should you require solar electricity to light small areas in your home, you can opt to buy solar tubes or tubular daylight devices. They are easily available at cheaper rates, and can be installed in the areas of home, getting plenty of sunlight. The process of installing might be challenging, if you have tilted or metal roof. But it’s absolutely hassle free for homes having concrete roofs. Contact the Solar electricity Brisbane for installation of solar power system.

The Inverter

Inverter is the most expensive component used in solar powers. Inverters converts the DC power stored by solar array into AC, which is used to run different electrical equipment in homes. You can purchase inverter of 5000 watt in affordable prices, and generate 5000 watts of solar electricity at your home. With the help of grid-tied inverter, you can save you from paying enormous electricity bill.

Deep-Cycle Battery

Should you want to meet exceeding electricity requirements at night or in harsh weather conditions such as, thunder or storm, you can choose to buy deep-cycle battery. As deep-cycle battery is more expensive than solar arrays and inverter, rather than buying deep-cycle battery, you can prefer to increase the capacity of solar panels to generate more solar electricity.

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