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Keeping it Steamed

Carpet steam cleaning or hot water extraction, is the favoured method for its ability to remove persistent stains and dirt embedded deeply into the carpet’s fibre. Machines used in Sydney carpet steam cleaning discharges steam water to the carpet before utilising a suction hose to remove the excess moisture and the dirt that was loosened during the process. This will leave your carpet smell fresh and clean. Here are some tips to consider in cleaning your carpets.

It is still recommended to consult a manufacturer of carpets to ensure that the carpet steam cleaning is safe and will not have tragic effects on the fibres of your carpet, the dye and the carpet’s structure. If you wish for better results, hire those who have the expertise to clean your carpets with the utilisation of steam. A trustworthy company can provide you with all the quality services you need in cleaning your carpets safely and efficiently.

Stains caused by pet urine should be cleaned and removed thoroughly before ensuing to carpet steam cleaning. It is not advisable to use steam in cleaning pet stain, because steamed water can crystallize the pet’s urine which will bond to the fibre of your carpet, forming permanent odour and stains. Bear in mind to take out all furniture from the rooms you want to steam cleaned. It is significant to clean the entire carpet to prevent discoloration or irregular wear.

Thoroughly vacuum your carpets to eliminate dirt, pet hair and dust as much as possible. If you preferred hiring a professional carpet steam cleaner, ensure that they will vacuum the carpet first before starting the extraction. Inquire if the vacuum service is included to the charges. Steam clean your carpets during the months that have the least humidity. For best results in steaming the carpet, alleviate the moisture.

If you have small children or residents at your home who are sensitive in allergens, search for companies that use ecological or kid-friendly, non-hazardous cleaning solutions in their carpet steam cleaners. Most carpets should be professionally cleaned deep at least once in a year. Though, how frequently you clean your carpets will depend on the weight of the traffic and the soil intensities in your carpet. Homes with kids, pets, or individuals with respiratory issues must have their carpets cleaned deep every six months.

To identify whether if it is time to clean the carpets, move your furniture. If the carpet underneath the furniture appears much cleaner, it is time for a carpet steam cleaning.