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Must Learn Waterskiing Tricks

To slide around easily, the use of rope can be advantageous. The rope should be between the skis where the tip of it should be over the water and then you can call the driver. Start from a slow speed and once you get the hang of it, get the balance by sliding, then increase the speed.

Jumping the wake

This is an interesting trick to perform while waterskiing where your boat driver needs to speed a little and from the S turn so you are actually pulling in the opposite direction and need to perform the turn which is lots of fun. To land down correctly will take some time as you have to practice it, but soon you will be able to impress others with this marvelous trick and enjoy the jumps easily.

The 180 turn

One of the most impressive and the easiest tricks is to do the 180 turn where you need to face in front and then try to face backwards. Then doing it again for facing forward will help you perform the 360 turn as well.

The 360 Jump

This trick is in conjunction to jumping the wake where you need to practice a little bit and get the best out of this trick. You can do the trick easily if you jump down the wake but when you are in the air, you need to turn your body 360 degrees in the air and the important thing is landing. As you land, you should bend your knees so the landing is perfect.

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Kneeboard, just like water skiing has different tricks. One of the basic tricks that you could start with is side slide.

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