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Optimizing Your Digital TV Viewing Experience

You may have already mounted your digital TV or the servicemen may have done it for you. But display positioning is the first thing you have to take care in order to optimize your viewing experience. Pay attention to your seating arrangements and lighting. Although flat TVs nowadays give you the best view from almost all the angles, it is still better to have seats facing the screen.

Picture Size (DVDs)

DVDs support both the aspect ratios, even though they are standard definition. DVDs are usually intended for much wider screen than that of your TV. They are set to an aspect ratio of 4:3 by default, so you have to convey to your DVD player that you have a wide screen digital TV and set it to 16:9.


All digital TVs have built-in speakers in them, but they also have connectors so you can connect them to a master surround sound system. This not only gives you the best audio output, but also avoids a lot of annoyance. The sound is clean without any technical disturbance. Go through your TV’s options for speaker settings. Do not choose the TV speakers option.

There will be another option for external sound system, choose that. This could be great for watching movies, but it will consume a lot of electricity. So when you are watching regular TV shows, it’s better to switch for TV speakers and save some electricity. Proper digital TV install is important for best movie experience.