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Participation of Management During Team Building

When you talk of getting to know one another, it is about not only the staff but the management too. If the management participate in the team building exercises they will get an opportunity to interact with the staff on an equal footing and get to know them as human beings rather than as employees.

Conversely the employees can also see the humane side of their managers and will be encouraged to open up and come up not just with their problems but also with innovative suggestions for the betterment of the organization.

Open Communication

Once you have identified your goals and informed the Team Building, they will ensure that the goals are achieved through the team building events they arranges. You can ask them to set a theme for the event so that all activities and games are focused on the theme.

You can also have a discussion sheet or feedback form which you can design with the help of the Team Building or event manager and ask the participants to answer the questions in the form after the event. This will give you an idea about how successful the event is. Keep in mind that team building events are not aimed at educating the employees but more at opening channels of communication and putting across messages to the employees in a subtle manner.


You can follow up after fortnight with photographs and a write up a month after the event. You could also have a follow up feedback where employees can give their own suggestions for the following team building events. This will help keep the memory alive and the attention of the participants will remain focused on the outcome. You can have another event after six months or a year to reignite the feeling of camaraderie.

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