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Pest and Building Inspections For The Safety Of Your Investment

Purchasing or even renting a home is a commitment that you take on with the intention of fulfilling the requirements. There are certain things that need to be taken care of before you sign a lease or purchase agreement in order to safeguard yourself from future costs, discomfort and inconvenience.

Always insist on a pest and building inspection before signing a lease to ensure that the property is safe for you and your family to live in. Be sure to include clauses in your lease agreement that cover you in the event that the pest and building inspection produces adverse results.

Your landlord, in the case of leased premises, needs to be aware of the issues before you move in so that no blame can be put on you should you eventually move. The home should be habitable and pest free and the structure must be steady and strong.

A pest and building inspection when referring to leased premises will check for a multitude of pests that could cause illness, disease and even death to any of your family members as well as check the structural stability of the home and note any defects caused by damp or mold. Your landlord needs to take care of these issues before the inhabit his property. Mold and damp can be very concerning issues when you take into account that certain people suffer with asthma and lung diseases as well as allergies that may be worsened due to these growths. The landlord must be able to provide you with a home that has no possibility of suddenly caving in on you and that does not pose any health hazards.

The costs for the pest and building inspection should be carried by the landlord as he is the one who will be receiving payment for the property each month and it must therefore be worthy of the rental you are paying.

In the event that your lease expires, a further pest and building inspection must be carried out to ensure the landlord that these issues have not returned due to unhealthy living conditions by yourself or neglect of the rented property by you as the tenants. Carrying out the pest and building inspection, although it seems like a painful process, is in the best interest of you as the tenant as well as for the landlord.

Pest infestations and building faults can be detrimental to the health of your family and in some instances could result in fatality. It is your right to be aware of any issues before moving in which will allow you to either pull out of the deal or demand the issues are rectified before you move in. Avail the service of building and pest inspection Sunshine Coast.