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Planning a New Website Structure

Websites are mostly about utility and while aesthetics are important they shouldn’t detract from the functional value. The truth is that the performance of your website design depends upon how quickly and efficiently the user is able to use it. Don’t put sophisticated looking virtually unreadable fonts just to increase the beauty of your website. Remember that the main objective of your website designing is to deliver a pre determined message so don’t complicate things for the user.

Don’t auto play audio/video files

The goal of your website might depend upon the proper exposure of the website content. Your website content can have audio/ video files, just don’t auto play them or the user is sure to get irritated. If you need to play an audio tape, incorporate an option where the user is asked to play the file in a convincing way. This is again about control; every user will want to feel that he/she is in control over the situation.

Web Designer’s Portfolio

Keep in mind the services you would need for your website design. Do you need only a website design or would also require SEO work, website content, graphics and desktop publishing too for your website? If you need some or all of these additional services select an agency which offers you a bundle of these services.

It is bound to be cost effective and save you the time and effort of interacting with different teams. Look for Website designers which can be judged the way she describes about herself on her website.

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