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Planning Guide for Party Menu

Keep the age factor of your guests in mind when preparing the menu. A late night dinner or cocktail party is not advisable for guests of the older generation. Plan your party menu based on your guests.

Most of the guests prefer to pamper their sweet tooth with a dessert. Choose from a large variety of desserts of fresh fruit with dips or truffles to please your guests after the meal. Catering services can help you in making the right choice with their knowledge and experience.

Decide the Drinks Presentation

Choose how you would present beverages to your guests. If you plan to serve alcohol, also serve a meal with substance instead of opting for only vegetables with dips. It can be cheese platters. If you plan to serve drinks while guests are comfortably seated and dining, keep in mind to allow for a 20 minutes gap between courses to help them relish the meals and drinks. You should the catering equipment for flaws for this might ruin your party spirit.

Decide on the Style of Your Party

The style of your party will decide its duration, timing and menu. A casual cocktail style party will have your guests enjoying their drink as they nibble on eatables stacked on a common table. The guests will get to know each other and chat leisurely as they enjoy the party.

A traditional romantic setting will involve the party menu to be served as courses while the guests are seated at their tables in an intimate fashion. The serving can be done by the host or hostess or the catering services hired for the party.

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