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Planning Your Wedding – The First Steps to Take

Choose carefully and plan for perfectly fitting, matching outfits and accessories for both of you for the entire occasion. Also, don’t forget to plan the attires for your entire family members.

Planning the timing – When to do it?

Weddings are occasions to enjoy with all your loved ones, relatives, friends and acquaintances. Plan the wedding on a date and time that is most suitable to you and also everyone. Plan to have it in the most pleasant season and month of the year, or when it is most convenient to you.

The venue – Where to have it?

Make a list of your preferred locations and check on the feasibility and cost involved. You may also consider whether the celebrations are to be – indoor or outdoor wedding, formal or informal, religious or civil etc. Also, take into account if your guests and family members can travel long distances and to expensive locations to attend your wedding.

The guest list – How many are coming?

Prepare a guest list, and inform them well in advance. Do ask for a confirmation from them about their presence. While you may want all your invitees to be around, the confirmation list will enable you to know the guest numbers, and accordingly budget the expenses for the food and entertainment.

Wedding planners

When you have a basic idea on all these aspects of your wedding, you may call in wedding planners who then work in a professional manner to bring in more zest into your celebrations.

For special occasion like your wedding, having a photo booth is a must. Your guests will truly enjoy having different photos of your special day.

Make sure that you have a Kombi wedding car Sydney for a stylish wedding.

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