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Popular Plastic Fabrication Methods

Plastic fabrication involves a number of methods and techniques to mould them in different shapes and structures. Here are some common methods to cast plastic into different shapes. Try the Plastic fabrication in Sunshine Coast for their excellent service.

Plastic Welding

Plastic welding is somewhat similar to that of metal welding which involves heat to melt the pieces of plastic. In this process of welding, a molecular bond is created in between two pieces of plastic that are compatible.

The welding process has three steps – pressure, heat and cooling. Pressure is exerted throughout the procedure even during heating and cooling to maintain proper orientation of the pieces and also to improve melt flow. In the heating step, molecular diffusion takes place between the two pieces while the cooling step is necessary to allow solidification of the newly formed bond.

Welding is done in a number of methods like hot gas emissions, contact welding, spinning and high frequency vibrations. The type of plastic involved decides the method and its equipments. 

Plastic Lamination

In this method, plastic is used to laminate another material to create a barrier against scratches, wear and tear. It is used to make the material look more stylish, attractive and durable. It is a cost effective way to maintain an otherwise sensitive material from decaying. The two most common types of lamination are film and resin which are adhered to the material by means of heat and pressure. Flexible foam, metal sheeting, paper, fabric are the common materials on which plastic lamination is done.