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Preparing Before the Renovation

Home renovation does not only takes a lot of money, but it also takes a lot of time for you and your family to live in your house and in a normal way again. It might cause a lot of things to change and you need to prepare things regarding with how you and your family will be while your house is being renovated. You need to plan everything before your house will be renovated. So here are the things that you need to prepare for you and your family.

Where to stay.

It should be the first on your plan, where to stay? Of course you and your family can’t be staying in a place that is in the process of renovation for it can bother you and your family especially during the study time and the sleeping time. You need to have a place where you and your family could stay at until your house is already done and fixed.

Pack things.

A place that needs to be renovated must be free of the things that might bother the workers while they are working. Meaning, the room or the place to be renovated must be empty so it is better for you and your family to pack the things that are on that certain place. Make sure that you have put everything in a box that has labels depending on their categories. After packing all of the things that you need to pack, place them in a room that is fully secured to avoid losing them. Make sure that you will not leave any of the important things that you can’t afford to lose.

Protect other rooms.

Be able to ask home builders which specific areas are they going to work at so that you will be able to cover and protect the places that don’t need to be renovated to avoid having dust and any other tiny particles on them. You can cover your furniture with clothe or plastic in order for it to be protected from dirt. You can also put things like cloth beneath the door preventing the tiny particles from entering the specific room.


Make sure to prepare the money that you are going to use for it might take too much money for you. Make a computation on how much things might cost and allot money that can surely be enough for your expenses. Your budget should include the renovation, the rental of your temporary home, and the unexpected expenses regarding with the house that is being renovated.

It is best for you to be prepared to avoid having problems in the future. Consult professional home builders, electricians, architects, engineers and others. It will also be better for you to make your kids prepare for the adjustments and the new house where you will be temporarily staying and make them prepared on how your house will look like after it is renovated.

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