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Protein Supplement Facts

During the growing stages: The body needs more protein during the growing stages especially if the individual involved does workouts as well. So a growing teenager can easily benefit from protein supplements.

When you start working out or increase your workout levels: If you are new to working out or are increasing your workout levels, your body’s protein needs will increase with time. A creatine powder will easily help you cope up with these needs and help you build muscle as well. It will complement your workout perfectly to attain a fitter body

When recovering from a physical injury: Sportsmen require good amount of protein supplements to aid a faster recovery and healing of the injured muscles.

A Vegan Diet: If you are planning to switch to vegan diet, your protein needs will no longer be met by your food intake as you will be excluding the vital sources of protein such as lean meat, milk and eggs. In such a scenario, protein supplements alone will take care of your protein needs.

How much is needed?

An adult requires maximum 0.9 grams of protein for a pound of body weight.

It also depends on whether you are an athlete and the amount of physical activity you indulge in. If you feel tired after a workout or recover from injuries at a slow pace, it is high time you started using protein supplements.

How to use protein supplements?

Using protein supplements in an efficient way will help you in reducing fatigue and increasing your performance. Avoid using them anytime around your workouts using treadmills. Use them as a snack or a meal time replacement for best results.