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Reasons on Why Glass is Better over the Melamine Dinnerware

Crockery is used to both serve and eat food, you must ensure that it is safe and made from food-grade materials. Of all the crockery items available in the market right now, glass and melamine are quite popular. These are easily available with brands like Maxwell & Williams and other leading manufacturers and suppliers.

Should you Use Melamine Crockery?

Melamine crockery is available everywhere – home, restaurants, canteens etc. Melamine plates, bowls, serving dishes, spoons, salad platters etc are so common that they seen at almost every party where people are not very careful about how they handle the dishes and bowls. However, does this mean that you too should use melamine crockery for your parties instead of glass?

Why Select Glass?

Glass dinnerware has been around since time immemorial. It is associated with style, sophistication and fine dining. In earlier days, only the aristocracy and well-heeled could afford glass crockery since it was quite expensive and brittle. Glass is expensive even today and needs careful handling. Even then, the discerning homeowner always prefers glass over melamine crockery because of several reasons.

Why the Glass Dinnerware is Better?

Glass crockery is also extremely safe when it comes to serving and eating your food. With melamine crockery there are chances of contamination as melamine is not suitable for use in high temperature. That is why melamine crockery cannot be used in conventional or microwave ovens.

Melamine crockery should also be protected from prolonged exposure to heat and not used to serve or eat acidic food. But with glass crockery you can prepare the food beforehand and just warm and serve it to guests at your party. This makes glass crockery all the more convenient for party use.

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