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Register Your Business Name Through TradingAs

If you are a resident of Australia and you are planning to set up a business, then you are indeed lucky as there is a way for you to register your business that is quick and easy. Yes, aside from the government provided system online, you can also register your Australian business via TradingAs. This is really a good time because when setting up a business, you surely have so many things to attend to and therefore, waiting for long hours just to get through with the business registration can surely delay some of the other important matters of your business. And it is not as if you can just skip this procedure as by then, you will be running your business illegally. Unless you are using your own name as your business name, every business is required to be registered by the government.

Here are some pointers about registering a business  name via TradingAs:

– If you will have your business name registered for a year, you will only pay AUD $119 and that already includes GST and the ASIC business name registration. However, if you want to have the registration good for three years, then the fee will be AUD $164 with the same inclusions.

© www.cbponline.org

© www.cbponline.org

– The process is just quick actually though this will depend on your own pace since you will be the one doing the registration. But most of the time, the duration for the precious uses just took about 5 to 10 minutes. Note that the online system is available 27/7. But if you think you need a helpline, then you should do it during office hours as that is only the time you can avail of their assistance.

– The process is actually really easy and simple. You only need to answer questions from TradingAs in which the answer can be given through clicking and pointing. Though there are also times when you really need to type in the letters of the answers.

– Once you are done answering the questions provided by TradingAs, you will then be presented with the summary of all your answers and will be given an option if you want to continue. If you do, then that is the time you need to pay the service. You can either pay through paypal, creadit card or debit card or any secure online payment options. To know more about the details concerning this, you can check the website yourself.

– You should know though that before starting with the business registration, you must have with you your ABN or an ABN application reference number as you cannot completely register your business name without it.

– When everything is completed, you will then get your official ASIC record of certification on screen and you will also receive one in your email in a PDF format.

Again, to know more about this, you can check the official website of TradingAs so that you will be completely informed about the details.