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Renovations that Don’t Help when Selling Your Home

Remodelling or renovating is probably the most given advice when selling homes. You obviously want to maximise your profits and minimize the costs when selling your home, or planning to sell in the near future. Remodelling is done to improve the overall face value of the house you wish to sell. While this guarantees an improvement the house’s value, it is not always considered to be cost effective. “Don’ts” that you should consider before planning to renovate a house who wish to sell.


Do not add high-end appliances such as a wine cooler or an under counter dishwasher to increase the value when selling homes. This is because such items are also taste-specific, and needs a certain kind of buyer to appreciate them. Adding these appliances is also expensive and might not be worth the investment later on. On the other hand, add or upgrade basic home appliances such as fridge or microwave, if these are getting old. If you have too much appliances in your home, hiring a storage unit facility to keep it is an option.

Flooring & Painting

It is best to avoid expensive flooring by installing marble and ceramic tiles all over the floor as the buyer might not be very inclined to pay for it. Avoid putting in sinks, tiles and floor coverings as these are hard to replace and adheres to the choices of specific people.

Instead, focus on replacing your old and worn out carpets and renovating your dull hardwood floors. Also don’t go overboard while painting the house. You should certainly apply a fresh coat of paint before selling, although select a colour from the neutral palette. Do not use expensive quality paint as potential buyers might not like it and the new house owner will most certainly paint over it.

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There are other things that you need to know to help you sell your property. Let the real estate agency in Mosman help you with this.

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