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Save A Fuse Call An Electrician

A qualified and experienced electrician specializes in electrical repair, wiring and installation of electrically driven equipment. An election can perform a variety of jobs such as home wiring, light fitting, home automation, air conditioning, data cabling and solutions, power points, phone installation, smoke alarms. They undertake safety inspection, certification, testing and tagging of electrical equipment and appliances.

The Australian laws are very stringent in respect of any activity that involves electricity. All electrical fixed wiring is to be performed by a duly registered and licensed electrical contractor. A registered electrical contractor with class A certification may perform without supervision. Individual states have their own regulatory norms. Class “A” apprentice certification course in Victoria is of four years duration. The Department of Commerce keeps tracks of licensee in WA. The Queensland Electrical Safety Act 2002 prescribes best practices for industries.

The work connected with electricity is performed by local electrician for small job. Bigger and more complex jobs are generally attributed to electrical contractors of repute. Some companies have national level network and are competent enough to take up entire work of a residential house, commercial business houses and major national projects.

Residential houses in Australia are known for their architectural elegance. However, almost everybody wants the house to be an state of the art equipped. This translates into integration of latest gadgets and fixtures. Such advanced appliances and equipment need electricity to run. This keeps on opening up variety of avenues for involvement of an electrician. Concealed house wiring , lighting and design services, air conditioning, heat pump installation, security alarm and cctv system, solar powered electricity generation and power grid sharing, home maintenance & servicing, home theatre, multi-room audio installation, home automation and control are some major issues that gives an electrician almost a month’s engagement. This is followed by periodical maintenance and energy audits for energy economy.

Electrical contractors take up both piecemeal jobs and turn-key projects for small to big commercial houses. Their reliability, quick response and on-line management help to develop long term relationship. The electrical work connected with a business establishment may include installations & project management, lighting design, exit & emergency lighting, thermal graphic scanning, general service & maintenance, switchboard labeling, RCD testing, circuit tracing and identification, data & communication, audio-visual installation and testing/tagging of safety switches. They may also be invited to sign yearly contract for preventive and periodic maintenance together with emergency services.

There are several big companies that offer services at corporate and national level. They have branches covering major parts of Australia. If situation demands, they may have temporary branch nearby a big contract in hand. They are highly proficient in new electrical installation including digital signage. They forge a long term connectivity through signing contracts for periodic proactive and preventive maintenance and repair. They have competent electrician so licensed by the law to carry out safety and energy audit offering valuable advice for energy economy and safe practices.

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