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Saving Money on Furniture Removal Tips

It’s important and mandatory that you interview a few furniture removalists and get quotes. Do a comparison and choose wisely. Remember moving expenses depend on various factors – number of furniture pieces, rooms in the house, the distance between the start and end-locations, packing efforts, and the climatic conditions.

Less is Not Always More

While choosing a furniture removal company, bear in mind that if they are coming to you at a cheap price, their services may not be up to the maximum. You may not get the quality services you may be hoping to get. Besides, also make sure to carefully read through their policies, terms and conditions regarding moving furniture, and their clauses about damaged furniture – while moving the furniture in your new home.

Packing Methods

If you’re looking to make good savings, then invite help from family, friends, colleagues and other acquaintances. A lot of times, people are not really able to take up the moving expenses. If you find yourself in such a situation then go ahead do the packing and unpacking yourself.

If you have too many pieces to pack, get some extra hands to assist you in the task. Moreover, if possible, try and get some free boxes – from the office, again friends and family may also have a few lying in the attic.

Less Weight

Usually professional movers charge you on the basis of the volume of furniture. If you have too much to move, then do some cutting down by removing the pieces which are unnecessary, and you could do without.

Choose lighter materials for some furniture that might need to be re-upholstered. Ask an upholsterer for advise.

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