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Scooter Safety Tips for Kids

A scooter (also known as kick or foot scooter) is equally popular with both children and teenagers although riding one is fraught with danger. Collisions with pedestrians and cars are fairly common which can lead to minor or major injuries. However, instead of depriving your child from the joys of riding scooters, teach him the common safety precautions. The child must also wear protective gears before hitting the road with his speed machine.

Dangers of Riding a Scooter

Child safety experts consider the scooter as an inappropriate toy for children below eight years considering its design, size and weight. This is all the more applicable since there is no Standard Design for scooters in Australia.

A regular scooter is lightly built and motorized for increased speed. It has small wheels which cannot grip the ground firmly when the brake is applied. It also has a low clearance that makes it doubly difficult to control the machine over cobblestones or cracked road surfaces. It is therefore compulsory for all children to wear bicycle helmets and guards for the knees, elbows and wrists before enjoying their ride.

Common Injuries

Falls and accidents involving scooter riders and pedestrians / other vehicles are disturbingly common. Young children who are learning how to ride the scooter are especially vulnerable. Common injuries include head injuries, bone fractures, cuts and abrasions. Some of these like head injury and fractures can even turn fatal.

Safety Tips

A few tips followed by both your child and you can minimize the risk associated with riding a scooter.