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Some scenes that should not be without in wedding photography

When would-be married couples are on the hunt for the perfect Brisbane wedding photographer to capture their big event, their wedding photography visits will be greeted with a portfolio for these potential clients to critique and enjoy. The contents in a wedding photography portfolio usually feature a few common sceneries in specific parts of the wedding. Here are some of those scenes and why they are most chosen by the Brisbane  wedding photographer.


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The bride’s entrance

The bride’s entrance is the most awaited scene when it comes to weddings and this is the part where photographers take lots of photos of. This anticipated walk-down-the-aisle, whether if the bride is walked with her father or not, is regarded as one of the most monumental events of a woman’s life. With the groom waiting on the other side for his wife-to-be to stand beside him, everyone invited to the wedding will watch the bride in awe of her beauty as she takes one step at a time to reach the altar to make her wedding vows with her husband-to-be.

The first kiss as husband and wife

This is perhaps one of the most precious moments in a wedding as the first kiss symbolizes the unit of husband and wife. Wedding photography captures this moment and if done at the right angles and edited with the right hues or lighting applied, will bring give this instant a whole new level as this will not only immortalize the bride and groom’s special moment but it will also become a significant work of art which many will enjoy.

The exit from the wedding grounds

When the wedding ceremony is over, the exit of the bride and groom from the wedding venue is another chance for a wedding photography creation. Some of these scenarios may include friends and family showering the bride and groom with rice as the couple runs past them in or when the groom takes his bride into his arms and carries her outside the grounds where the wedding was held. These are opportunities that often strike it big in wedding photography snapshots.

The throwing of the bouquet

During the wedding reception, there are several activities that would happen and one of which is the throwing of the bouquet. Tradition dictates that if the bride throws the bouquet and one of her bride’s maids will catch it, the maid who caught the bouquet will be the one who will be the next to marry. This is often a fun event and is often captured be kept forever in the form of wedding photography.