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Sound Advices In Choosing Your Flooring

If you are in a dilemma as to what kind of flooring to choose or what kind of hardwood flooring to choose for that matter, then you should research about them so that you can come up with something you really want. It is of course understandable to be in a dilemma being almost all types of hardwood flooring are promising like if you can only have all of them. But then again since you will pick one or else your place will look like a wood shop, you must make your choice wisely. Take note that whatever your choice will be, it will mean spending a good amount of money because in general, woods are expensive. Because of the advent of technology, your options are getting wider like you can now choose between solid hardwood, engineered hardwood or even laminated wood flooring. But let is tackle between the first two here and below are some facts about them.

Solid hardwood:


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–     The finish solid planks are milled from a solid hardwood.
–    To protect its outermost layer, it is covered with either aluminum oxide, acrylic substance or ceramic.
–    Solid wood planks can be refinished many times because of their thickness.
–    Because they are solid, they are prone to negative effects of too much humidity like warping, and they also tend to contract. That is why, when this is your flooring, make sure that the humidity in your place will not exceed to 65% the whole year through.
–    When it comes to species, you have many choices with solid hardwood like maple, black walnut or oak, you can even avail some of the regional species like pecan and many others. if you get lucky, you can even find some exotic  species that are from Brazil or Africa.

Engineered Hardwood:


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–    By engineered, it means that the wood is created by man. It is a structure of layers of woods like 3 to 5 layers actually and bonded with veneer under pressure.
–    Unlike the solid hardwood, they cannot be easily affected by the pressure of humidity thus they are the best for areas where dampness is expected like in the kitchen, basement and many others.
–    Like the laminated floor, engineered hardwoods are now incorporated with features that can enable them to be installed without the use of glue or nails or being floated.
–    When it comes to versatility, engineered hardwood tops the list as they can be suitable in just any part of your house. If interested, check engineered timber flooring Melbourne.


So, with all these details about the two types of hardwoods, it is now up to you which one to use. You should know though that even if you will choose to use the engineered hardwood, no one will know as they almost look the same.

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In fact, it is said that only the experts will know the difference. Even your wife might not know if you will not tell her. So, when it comes to looks, basically the two types are the same.

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