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Steps in Applying Garage Epoxy Floors by Yourself

Epoxy flooring is known to be one of the finest qualities that you can use when it comes to making a decent floor for your garage. This is known to be one of the most durable qualities that you can get in your garage, and replacing it is guaranteed to take long before you do that again. Garage epoxy floors Brisbane can also resist grease and oil substances, and so as others that can destroy normal paint qualities.

Applying this by yourself in your own garage is a good thing to do since it can help you save money, and this is a very easy method to do a well. Here are the steps on how to apply garage epoxy floors by yourself at home:

Check the floor Quality

Learning the actual quality of the flooring is a must before you proceed with the next steps. Make sure that you analyze the flooring first to see if it has moisture. There are some tools and products that are good for checking out the moisture of the flooring. Take note that you also need to consider the weather for you to know if there will be moisture since it can ruin the epoxy painting.

Clean up the Floor

The first thing that you might need to take note of is that you should remove the stains and other substances to keep it clean. This will guarantee you a nice way to apply paint safely and will result in a nice result once done. Make sure that you use a degreaser or other cleaning solution with a brush. Scrub and repeat to assure a nice flooring.

Use acid and water solution

Before placing the concrete flooring with acid solution, be sure to use water it first. This will help you rinse the solution later on, and in order to ensure easier flow on the acid in order to avoid damage on other parts. Be sure to pour water on the driveway as well so that it won’t get ruined. Be sure to use a muriatic acid that’s mixed with water and scrub it well on the flooring. Use a hose afterwards once you’re done etching the floor with the solution.

Apply Epoxy

There are various types of epoxy paints that you can use for the flooring, and these come with various instructions. Upon choosing your desired type of epoxy product, be sure to follow the instructions on how to apply it so that you will be able to properly place the painting on your floor. This will guarantee you the best end result, and all you need is to just follow the rules.

Be sure to use a drill with a stirring bit attached to it, and be sure to blend the epoxy well. Make sure that you coat the floor well with the right amount of epoxy as instructed on the manual. In this way, you will be able to place your first coating accurately. Let it dry until the next day before you apply the granules for the second coating. Be sure to place the next mixture on the following day properly just like what you did with the first one, and all you need is to wait for it to dry up overnight once again.

After the steps, you can now park your car on your newly painted flooring. This is a good thing to do since it helps you maintain things by yourself, and you can save more money if you do it yourself as well.