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Steps in Video Production

The steps in video production involve three steps.


This is the planning stage and this is where the foundation is built for the video to be produced. Brain-storming is the major activity in this step as all ideas are shared and discussed. The script and the manner of presenting the product to be marketed are discussed. The first thing to be discussed in this first step of video production is the manner of presenting the product to the consumers or the target market. TheĀ video production Brisbane will learn the interests and the language of the target market. Once they already decided on how to present the product, the next is to formulate the script. Other factors such as budget and where to shoot are also part of the pre-production step in video production.


After the foundation has been laid, it is time for the actual shooting or the production of the video. It is the director who calls the shot and coordinates the production crew as to the location, time of the shooting, and other important matters. During this step in video production, the director also works with the lighting crew to get the best possible shot in a scene. The equipments such as camera, tripod, digital audio aids also play an important role. A functional production team not only includes the people but also the equipments that are to be utilized in the video production.

Post production

During this step, the footages of the video is analyzed as to which portions are to be deleted and which portions are to be edited. The role of the director is almost finished at this step of video production. It is now time for the video editor to put in his creative ideas by only choosing the best video footage. The use of video editor software on editing is used and the editor must be able to come up with a perfect combination of creativity and technical know-how. He must make sure that the final video has the right sequence without redundancy and it must be able to effectively relay the message to the target market. This step of video production also includes the injection of music and dubbing.

The making of a video involves hard work, from the pre-production up to the post production. Creativity, eye for detail, and patience are the requirements to be able to come-up with a video that can speak directly to the target market.