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Style of Wood Flooring

The elegance offered by a wooden flooring for your home is awesome but if you are not sure on the approach to buy one the results may not match up to your expectations. The options available in patterns or style of wooden flooring are strip and plank floors, varying width floors and parquet floors. You can choose either solid wood or engineered wood which can be cut and placed aptly to achieve any of these styles within certain restrictions.

The strip and plank wooden flooring is the conventional kind of flooring preferred by many. The planks of wood are of uniform width but varying length and are usually wider than strips. The edges or ends are of tongue and groove kind. They come in various grades and variety of wood and you can choose from solid or engineered and pre-finished or unfinished kind.

The varying or random width flooring has planks which vary in width. A 7 inch plank is followed by a 5 inch and a 3 inch planks. This pattern is repeated. This is a contemporary kind of look. These have tongue and groove edges. To prevent the wood from warping, the planks are nailed and secured by screws. The holes holding the screws need to be covered using wooden plugs. For these reasons, this style of flooring is available only as the unfinished variety. You can choose from solid or engineered wood and select from a range of grades and variety of wood.

A parquet wooden floor is arranged in the form of short strips as a pattern. If you select the traditional pattern it is expensive and cumbersome as it involves each piece of the wood strip to be placed individually. The more contemporary style allows tiles of these patterns which overcome these shortcomings. Choose from the variety of 12 inch parquet tiles.

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