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Talking About Wood Chipping

Wood chipping is a process whereby timber is converted into chips which are in turn sold to industries that require the chips to reach their desired end product. Paper manufacture is an industry that relies on the constant supply of wood chips which they then turn into pulp and process into paper which we all use every day.

There are also a number of other uses for wood chips and many use these chips as part of the mulch which they use to feed their gardens. Of course if you do decide to go the wood chip route for your mulch, you should be aware of the positive and negative factors.

Using wood chips can cause an imbalance in the acidity of your garden. Often people are not aware of what trees have been used in the wood chipping process and will take whatever their local garden service is going to dispose of. Not all wood chips are the perfect balance for your garden so before waving down that truck, do your research.

Wood that is wet, begins to rot, which is of course part of the mulching process but in the instance of wood, it can cause severe cases of fungal growth which will spread to your healthy plants.

Using wood chips for mulch will mean you have to increase your compost input which can become a costly affair.

When it comes to your garden, trial and error and some research is in order to ensure the right mixture that will benefit your garden to the fullest. Not all gardens will need the same tree fertilizer.

Many people also use wood chips made through the process of wood chipping, for their aesthetic properties. Many walkways are lined with wood chips creating a natural and harmonious atmosphere. Wood chips can also be laid down on ground that is hard to make walking easier and more comfortable. Areas under trees where grass seldom grows are also wonderful places to scatter wood chips. One does have to be careful of where the chips came from in these instances as certain plants are poisonous to humans, animals, as well as to other plants.

Having wood chipping Sunshine Coast is done by clear cutting and thinning natural forests and vegetation. This is all good and well as long as the natural forests and vegetation are not completely destroyed. Wood chipping is a means of controlling the growth of such vegetation and using the by-products as opposed to tossing them away as waste.