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Teach Your Children To Save Water

Bathroom is that place of the house where water is wasted without giving any second thought about it. There are several ways which you can teach your children to save unnecessary water flow. Children, even most of the adults, have the tendency to keep the tap on while brushing their teeth. This causes a lot of water to just drain away. Teach children to turn off the tap during the one or two minute duration of brushing. Also they should be taught to not use the flush unnecessarily. Instead use a bucket to put the water whenever possible.

Use leftover water in bathroom

The leftover water in the bathroom can also be used for multiple purposes. From washing your car to watering plants in your garden, children can be taught to use the leftover water in the bathroom for various such activities. It can also be saved in the water tanks in your backyard and can be used later.

Save on water expenses

Rainwater is natural, pure and free and is available to everybody for regular consumption. So when you begin stocking up on rain water you automatically begin saving on water bills. Your garden gets naturally irrigated with rainwater during drier times and you do not have to spend extra water on your precious plants. Simply connect a pipe from the tank and let the fresh flow of rainwater into your garden. At the end of the month you will be pleasantly surprised to see a blooming garden and the reduced water bill statement.