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Telltale Signs of Blocked Drains

A blocked drainage system can cause so much inconvenience to each and every one. You cannot take a shower, you cannot flush the toilet, to name a few, leading to disruptions of your daily activities. If you have blocked drains at home, the dirty or used water will only come back which causes indoor flooding. This requires emergency plumbing services right away. Now to know the signs of blocked drainage system, then read on so you can immediately call a plumber to fix the problem:

Bad smell

Blockage causes bad smell. One of the reasons is because the food particles and other debris start to decompose and bacteria begin to set in. The smell could also be due to decomposing leaves and barks, human hairs, among others. If you begin to smell something nasty that emanates from the sinks, then it is time for you to call plumbers to check for possible causes of blocked drains.

Gurgling sounds

If you flush the toilets or you run the tap and you hear some gurgling or unusual sounds, then most likely you have blocked drains. This is due to the trapped air that bubbles up.

Slow drainage

Once you notice that the water from the sink drains slowly, then most likely you have blocked drains. Flushing the toilet also becomes an issue. It is either the toilet slowly drains or causes indoor flooding.

Causes of blocked drains


If you have trees at your terrace, you may not know it but the dried parts of the trees such as leaves and barks can lead to blockage. The roots of the trees seek moisture or water and the roots can crawl to the drainage system. If you will call on your emergency plumber, he will use state-of-the art camera that can be brought down the drainage systems so the cause of the problem of blocked drains can be identified.

Human hair

Too much human hair leads to blockage. To prevent this from occurring, you can use nets or hair catchers that can be installed by the emergency plumber.


The grease that you use for cooking and the grease from food particles get attached to the water pipes which lead to blocked drains. To prevent grease build-up, the emergency plumber can clean the water pipes and get rid of all the grease and other debris that cause blockage.

Blocked drains can be immediately solved by clear blocked drains Sydney who are available all times of the day.