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Telltale Signs Of Blocked Sewer Drain

There may be some things that are worse than a blocked sewer drain, but few of them are nastier. Also, having a blocked sewer drain can cause huge damage to your place of residence, so detection and prevention are the only true recourse, before the worst happen and you need the help of a plumber.

You probably do not have to be a professional plumber to know that the main point of sewer drain is to transport the raw sewage from your home to the main sewer and further away. As to where all that sewage goes, most of us prefer not to bother with such details until we experience the ‘joys’ of a blocked sewer drain.

Once the water pipes get clogged, the pressure starts to build up, so a blocked sewer drain can cause a bit of discomfort for the average homeowner, or some serious damage for the particularly unlucky fellow. So if you wish to avoid this type of inconvenience, here is what you need to watch out for.

For one, when water starts to back out of the drain, either in the kitchen sink or worse yet, in the toilet, this is a sign that the plumbing does not work properly. Also, hearing strange noises reminiscent of gurgling sounds are also a potential cause for concern. Sure, you can talk to your house if you like, but when your house starts talking back to you in this manner, you should probably check the floor drain. If there is something wrong with the pipes, the floor drain in the basement is usually where it becomes the most evident.

It is important to separate clogs in the secondary sewer line from that in the main line; basically, all of the smaller, secondary sewer lines upstairs and downstairs flow into one big line at some point. If the clog is in the secondary line, you got off relatively easy, but the main line can be quite a problem. You can check this out relatively easily. Try all the sinks, flush all the toilets and check the bathtubs and showers. A clog in the main line will back up literally all of them, whereas only one or two will be affected by a clog in the secondary line.

Also, check for trees that grow in the vicinity of the sewer pipes, as their roots have a way of undermining underground pipes and causing quite a problem. This is especially the case with older buildings, as trees have had more time to grow roots. Newer homes, however, are more exposed to the carelessness of their owners. Just because something can be flushed down the toilet does not mean it belongs there.

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