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Thailand’s History

It is well-known that Thailand is a wonderful tourist destination. Traveling in Thailand is a great experience in itself. People who have travelled in Thailand will tell you that its history is rich and interesting. It is quite important and interesting to note the history of Thailand when you consider traveling in Thailand. Here are some interesting facts:


The meaning of ‘Thai’ is free. Hence the meaning of Thailand is ‘land of the free.’ Thailand has a history of 800 years. It is the only country in the Southeast Asia that has never been colonised. Thailand was once known as ‘Siam.’ But it was changed to Thailand on May 11, 1949. Read Team Building

Ban Chiang

The conventionally known Thai Kingdom was once called Chao Phraya valley, inhabited by ancient civilizations. It can be traced back to pre-historic times. Thailand’s origin’s discussion has always been a controversial topic, as there is no sign of definite conclusion. But one of the most reliable theories is that Thais may have first settled in the Ban Chiang village. Many instruments and artifacts were found there. Later, they were scattered to various parts of Asia, even to China.

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King Phra Buddha Yodfah Chulaloke

Thais had settled down in the Southeast Asian mainland with Sukhothai by the 13th Century. It was their first kingdom. Under the rule of King Ramkhamhaeng the great, Sukhothai was considered as the golden age. Later, a new dynasty led by King Ramthaibodi established a capital at Ayutthaya.

After the defeat of the Burmese attack, King Taksin went back to south. There he established a new capital at Thonburi. And when he died in 1782, King Phra Buddha Yodfah Chulaloke took over and moved the capital to Bangkok. The Chakri dynasty that rules even today was founded by King Phra Buddha Yodfah Chulaloke.

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