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The beautiful Paradise of Fiji

Fiji consists of many beautiful islands that surrounded by Fiji beach resort with white sand beaches, jungle waterfalls and crystal clear lagoons. The beaches are very beautiful because of its tall coconut trees that will give shade for swimmers who want to take a rest after an hour of swimming and some water sports adventure. Fiji is not just about having a very beautiful beach, what makes these islands so beautiful are the people. Their hospitality is very known to all tourists that have been on the island. The locals are very friendly you don’t have to worry when you stay late night at the beach.

Fiji is known for there beach resorts that can be found from the many islands of Fiji. Here are some of the beautiful islands of Fiji and their breathtaking view.

The Viti Levu

This is known as the international gateway of the Island of Fiji. The island offers lots of international Fiji beach resort and the village of Navala where some locals line in a very traditional huts that they called the thatched bure. You can enjoy diving in the Bega lagoon with the tiger sharks, kayaking in the Navua river, snorkeling in the reefs of Nananu-i-Ra. There are lots of activities that you can enjoy in this island.

The Mamanucas

This island is called a little paradise due to its white sand isles with blue ocean water. This island is just an hour of boat travel from the island of Viti Levu. This is the very best place where you can have your picture because of the picture perfect view of the island. Many Hollywood movies were already taken in this island like The Treasure Island. This island is also famous for surfing because of the big waves. This also famous for hosting lots of island parties in the Fiji. If you are the type of person who really loves to party, then the Mamanucas island is the best for you.

The Yasawas

This island is known for its quiet and isolated bliss. You can get here by riding a high speed catamaran from Viti Levu or from Mamanucas. The accommodation deals in here ranges from lush to backpacker rate. The population here is not too much that is why it is quiet. The Blue Lagoon film in 1980 was filmed here in Yasawas. You can explore clear dark water of Sawa-i-Lau cave and you can also go snorkeling and dive on the beautiful reef with manta rays.

Fiji is truly blessed with natural resources that tourists love, especially the Fiji beach resort. Lots of fun and excitement awaits you in Fiji. Read more info about Fiji and it’s rise into holiday stardom.