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The Benefits of a Day Spa to Your Health and Looks

Going in a travel vacation help lessen stress but visiting a day spa is a much cheaper option. Beauty spa treatments are very important in increasing our beauty and maintaining our natural looks. They help us to remain beautiful longer. The array of herbs and natural ingredients used in spa treatments has many positive effects on our skin and body.

In the present time, many people are increasingly feeling the urgent need to somehow “get away”. Crazy schedules are making them to want to escape into another world from time to time, and just shut themselves off from external stimulation. Beauty spa treatments for your skin and body are vital to keep you going in today’s hectic and busy schedules.

Swiss Wellness Day Spa in Adelaide CBD is a great place to indulge yourself by “switching off” and relaxing, recharging, reflecting and detoxing as you get beautified. Contemporary spas provide several health-promoting experiences. Since ancient times, the healing powers of touch therapy have been practically illustrated. There is an inherent link between spas and touch treatments.  There are benefits that the nurturing touch of a professional therapist’s hands on one’s body that   go beyond the physical realm.



The following are some of the benefits you can obtain through therapeutic massages offered in a day spa:

1. A massage session allows you to break away from it all – your job, family and friends. It helps you to slow down and distress.  A massage is very helpful in improving blood flow, which provides oxygen and nutrients to the cells. Apart from that, it stimulates the lymphatic system, which is responsible for carrying away the body’s waste products.

2. A day spa service helps your mind, body and soul to be in harmony. In actual fact, it has been proved that massage release Serotonin, a hormone that augments the “feel good” state of the body and mind.

3. According to the experts, massage therapy can be helpful in pain management in chronic disorders such as muscle spasms, painful back, and arthritis.

You can also maintain your body shape and a good weight loss help by indulging in body contouring service at a day spa.

Body polishes exfoliate your skin gently, thus stimulating cellular repair as well as refining pores and making your skin smooth.

Body wraps are extremely beneficial and quick method of re-mineralising the body, restocking it with nutrients as well as elements that it has lost every day. It helps to rejuvenate and relax you by boosting moisture in your skin.

Heat therapies which come in the form of warm, dry air or warm, moist air normally start the purifying processes by heating the body in order to stimulate blood circulation.

In comparison with heat therapy, it has been proved that cold water or ice applied to the body helps to stimulate the circulatory, lymphatic and immune system.

Beauty spa treatments have beauty/skin care brands as part of their stock for people who want to look youthful and feel confident. Therefore they actively promote customized facial therapy massages and regular skin care sessions.

Presently, the majority of spas have on call professionals who offer nutritional advice that match with a person’s healthy lifestyle.