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The Comforts of Multifocal Contact Lenses

A monovision contact lens only has one grade- either you use it for distance or reading. You need to bring with you your second eyeglasses for the other grade. But if you will wear multifocal contact lenses, you no longer have to take another pair of glasses because it has a lens for reading and a lens for distance. These types of lenses will correct the problem simultaneously.

Why you need to shift?

1) Reading glasses are not convenient. You have to take it with you anywhere you go. The inconvenience of taking it out and wearing it just so you can read. At times, you can even forget to take it with you which can be a big problem. Some even resort to buying more than reading glasses and place it in their car just to be sure that they will not encounter reading problems. But with multifocal contact lenses, you do not have to worry about those issues because it is equipped with lenses for reading and distance.



2) Bifocal glasses emphasize your age. Not that you are ashamed of your age, but multifocal contact lenses definitely make you look younger. Though the progressive glasses have no lines, but the blurred visions when shifting eye direction is a definite nuisance.

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Shift to multifocal contact lenses

1) There are different types of contact lenses that will suit every wearer. The first is the aspheric design. The two grades- the distance and the reading grades are placed in a central area, at the middle of the pupil. Your eyes will adjust according to the distance you are looking at. If you will look at a far distance, your eyes will ignore the near objects and vice versa.

2) The second type of multifocal contact lenses is the concentric designs. The placing of the prescription lenses will depend on your lifestyle and pupil size. The near sightedness ring is placed on the middle while the far sightedness ring or rings are placed on the outer portion. So if you are constantly in front if a computer, an extra ring may be added in between the two so you can focus clearly. The widths of the ring are also dependent on your regular activities.

3) The third type of multifocal contact lenses is the translating design. The grades or prescription zones are clearly defined. The pupil will adjust as to which zone is needed. Normally, the one for reading is located at the bottom while the distance is on the upper half.