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The Rise Of Mobile Coffee Vans

Coffee has many established health benefits including offering relief from lethargy in daily routine. The one thing which all coffee consumers agree is a cup of good coffee in mornings to start their day. This holds more ground if it prepared by experts with the right amount of ingredients and brewed coffee beans. Accessibility to good coffee has been a major roadblock that coffee consumers often face.

In the 1990’s, an Australian entrepreneur came with a novel idea to come up with mobile coffee vans. It has now become much easier to get good mobile coffee vans in Australian regions like Perth, Adelaide and Sydney. Earlier coffee lovers had to visit a local coffee shop and visit a Starbucks to get hot brewed coffee. Now, it’s available and accessible to coffee lovers through mobile coffee vans.

Accessibility and Convenience

Owners of these coffee vans have facilitated its growth by making it accessible to general public. They have targeted places like markets with no access to hot cup of brewed coffee. These include industrial areas with off timings, like night shifts. Here workers cannot visit even a brick and mortar shop to have their coffee.

Hectic lifestyle, workplace congestion and lack of good coffee in office premises had made drinking hot brewed coffee a luxury for corporates. Now corporates and office goers don’t have to wait for an opportune moment to have their cup of coffee. They can have it through mobile coffee vans which are accessible in front of their premises.



Apart from corporates, having coffee had also become inconvenient for parents going with their kids to watch shows or taking them to classes. With mobile coffee vans people have the luxury to sip their cup of hot brewing coffee anywhere.

Available for hire

Not only that, if needed, mobile coffee vans are available for hire. This is a great facility for people who would like to have coffees in their small party’s or other events. These mobile coffee vans range caters to all sorts of parties and budgets. These range from budget to premium mobile coffee vans. At first it might sound a bit expensive and extravagant to hire a mobile coffee van. These vans are most adequate for family functions, gatherings, birthday parties, and community functions. Besides that it is always a good point to start conversations.

Lucrative Business Model

Accessibility, convenience and availability are the three pillars which driven the growth of mobile coffee vans in Australia. The lucrative business model which involves small investment with high quality coffee machines and good returns is expected has appealed to a lot number of entrepreneurs in Australia. This will further see the growth in numbers of mobile coffee vans.